Wild Wednesdays: A Laughable Hollywood

Early yesterday morning, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) announced the list of nominees for the 68th Golden Globe Awards. Needless to say, Hollywood is still talking about the nominees as well as the snubs. Apparently, the new Coen Brothers’ pic “True Grit” was completely snubbed by the HFPA. Ouch.

I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of “True Grit” here in LA last Thursday, and I can honestly say that the movie is amazing. Both the audience and I laughed from beginning to end. The story and characters are moving, adventurous, and just plain hilarious. I won’t talk much more about the film because I want everyone to go see it.

“True Grit” comes out December 22nd, and is without a doubt worth the 12 bucks. The film stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld.  I don’t know what the HFPA was thinking when it snubbed this film. It should definitely be recognized. Anyways, there is always still the Oscars, which “True Grit” is already getting Best Picture buzz for.

Watch the trailer for “True Grit” below.

The trailer makes this movie look so serious, BUT I’m telling you, it’s pure hilarity. Okay, I’m done. Moving on….lol 😉

As for other snubs, the list could go on forever. Some people are even talking about Justin Timberlake not getting a nod. Personally, I don’t think Justin Timberlake deserves any awards attention for his role as Sean Parker in “The Social Network.” Although I think that he did a really good job with the character, it’s not Golden Globe or Oscar worthy in my opinion. I’ve seen that same kind of performance from no-names on Lifetime. Just sayin…

Anyways, here’s an article I read in the LA Times. It talks about the amount of media attention that is placed on the Golden Globes. I think its authors make some pretty valid points.

Click here —>The Big Picture

p.s. If you are a Glee fan, the show did not get snubbed! 🙂

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