Music Tuesdays: When Did Ne-Yo Get An Album?

Good morning boys and girls! Guess who’s baaaaaaack. lol I know I’ve been MIA for nearly two weeks, and I don’t really have an excuse other than Thanksgiving itis and a little common cold. Nonetheless, I am back, and see no point in wasting time with my jabbering. So, let’s get it!

Last week, two highly anticipated albums were released – Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy received rave reviews from both critics and West fans.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Pink Friday. Although critics were generous with their comments, I haven’t been hearing the same level of approval coming from Minaj fans.

Personally, I like Nicki as a cameo artist more than as a solo act. With that said, she brings her own style to the game, and has shut up anyone, who said that her album would not sell. Pink Friday debuted at numero dos right behind Kanye, who of course took the top spot. I guess getting booed at the Thanksgiving Macy’s parade is only a sign that you will continue to be very successful.

As for a brief update on Rihanna’s album Loud, Loud debuted at number 3 on Billboard the week before Kanye and Nicki graced the chart.  I continue to love Rihanna’s songs, but it’s pretty clear that this starlet is lacking in the fan department. With all of the number one singles that she has had, you would think that the girl would’ve had at least one album debut at numero uno, but no. Maybe after a few more decent AMA performances she will clinch the top spot. Hopefully, that will probably never happen.

p.s. When did Ne-Yo get a new album?! I love Ne-Yo, but definitely missed the memo on Libra Scale. Apparently, it was released the same week as Kanye and Nicki’s albums. Why would he do that? To me, that was not the best strategy. Slash, where was the marketing campaign for his album? I am all around confused, and unfortunately am not that interested to go take a listen. Oh well…

Anyways, enough with this old news. Let’s get to the NEW stuff!

I was listening to the radio last night, and I have to admit that I like another song featuring Rihanna called “Fly.” Go figure…If anything, the girl knows how to get on a good song because we all know she’s not writing not a single lyric. “Fly” has been out for a couple of weeks now, and it will probably climb the charts soon. If you haven’t heard it, listen to it below!

What do you think? These inspirational upbeat songs are always a hit in the clubs. lol


Enrique Iglesias

Another song that is capturing my attention is Enrique Iglesias’ “Tonight” featuring Ludacris. There is no surprise that I like this song. There’s nothing particularly that special about it, but Enrique is hot and Luda is my favorite rapper. Not to mention, the beat is right on point, and will definitely be played in the clubs around the world.

Listen to “Tonight” now! 🙂

Side note: Is it just me or does Enrique never age? He’s been looking the same for the past two decades…lol

Moving on…

Dirty Money

At first I thought that Diddy’s Dirty Money group was going to come and go just like the rest of his acts. So, I’m actually surprised that they have just released another single. “Coming Home”  is looking to be another hit for the trio. I was a big fan of “Hello Good Morning,” and I must say that I really like “Coming Home” too.

The video also debuted on Vevo last week. Click here to watch it —> Coming Home – Dirty Money

I love that Diddy has money because his videos are always on point. With that said, his style is starting to remind me of his early 90s days…Still luv him though.

p.s. Although I love Diddy, I can’t ignore the fact that J. Cole was actually the one to write “Coming Home.” Good job Mr. Cole. 😉

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One Response to Music Tuesdays: When Did Ne-Yo Get An Album?

  1. mlp says:

    Ugh so sad I used to LOVE Ne-Yo 😦 I wish he had better people representing him. Shout out to NeYo = Hire me and I will get you back to numero uno.

    Also, Enrique is looking 20 years younger than when I first heard of him in my tweens. Or maybe I’m thinking of Ricky Martin..

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