Hot Mess Mondays: Some People Just Don’t Know How To Act

Good morning boys and girls! I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend. My weekend was very chill, yet very productive, so I am so ready for this Hot Mess Monday post. Let’s get it!

1) Shane Sparks for being accused of sex with a minor.

Now, I know that Mr. Sparks cannot help the accusations brought against him. After all, anyone can accuse anyone of anything. However, these charges seem to have some backing as of right now…

According to KTLA, an LA-based news channel, Sparks’ attorney, Steve Meister, believes that the claims against his client are “extortion, Hollywood style.” Sparks is facing up to 8 sex counts involving an underage girl in the early 90s. Let us hope that the former ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ judge is innocent.

2) Raz-B for not handling his molestation claims in a more appropriate manner.

Speaking of sex with underage children (I know that sounds weird…),  a while back Ray-B, former member of the explosive R&B boyband B2K, claimed that the group’s manager Chris Stokes molested him and others while they were children. Now, Raz-B is on a full-fledged mission to “expose” the wrong doings of both Chris Stokes and R&B singer Marques Houston.

Marques Houston

Not too long ago Raz-B recorded a conversation he had with Marques, accusing Marques of molesting him as a child. If you haven’t seen it and are curious, the video is all over the Internet.

Needless to say, Raz-B is going about this ALL the wrong way. People are starting to believe that he is bipolar/crazy, and Marques Houston has even taken out a restraining order against him, which is only hurting his cause.

Take it to court Raz-B!

p.s. I believe Raz-B’s claims…

3) MC Hammer for making that whack Jay-Z diss song.

Even though I did bounce to “Better Run Run” on multiple occasions and post the music video for Music Tuesdays, the song was an absolute failure. Aside from the beat, nothing about it was good. Jay-Z is not even going to waste one line on that one.

It is no longer Hammer Time. Please return to the church.

4) 50 cent for flaunting his money.

Last week, 50 cent posted pictures on Twitter of him playing with his money (i.e. pretending to eat it, building houses and hearts with it, etc.). Now, he’s at it again. The rapper recently took pictures of himself stuffing $2 million in cash into the trunk of a Lamborghini.

We get it 50. You have a lot of money. All you need now is class.

Pure Ignorance…Smh.

5) Kat Stacks for just being a mess.

Stacks, who is only famous for sleeping with rappers and posting pictures online, got arrested over the weekend at a Tennessee airport. Rumor had it that she was having problems with her immigration status and was on her way to deportation. However, Stacks is apparently not being deported. Regardless of what is going on in her life, this girl is going to be a hot mess.

**And, that’s the end of today’s countdown folks. I didn’t mean for it to focus so much on the Hip Hop/R&B communities. But hey, I guess that’s who’s messing up these days…Get it together kids!

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