Wild Wednesdays: Mariah Carey Taking Care Of Two Boys?

Mariah Carey

Last week, rumors circulated that Beyonce and Jay-Z were expecting their first child. The news caused a media frenzy that ultimately ended in disappointment seeing as though the stars are reportedly not pregnant after all.

Now, after just a week, reports are once again swirling, but this time not around Jay-B.  Apparently, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are expecting their first child, a baby boy. Although the couple has not confirmed the pregnancy, this rumor is looking to be more and more true. Even E! Online tweeted the news last night.

With that said, Mariah’s baby bump is not the most wild story of the day (even though who would have thought that the singer would get pregnant at 40?). The wild part of this story is what I heard on the radio last night.

Mariah Carey is scheduled to make several TV show appearances to promote her new Christmas album. She will even be appearing on Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler’s late-night talk show. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Chelsea and Nick have been throwing jabs at each other via Twitter over the past couple of months. Personally, I think it’s funny that Mariah will sit down with Chelsea despite the comedian’s problems with her husband. I have a feeling both Mariah and Chelsea will be cracking up at Cannon jokes throughout the interview, and to me, that’s wild. It makes sense though. Mariah is a superstar first, and a wife second. Just saying… She’s already carrying one boy. She doesn’t have to take care of another. 😉

Read about the Handler/Cannon “beef” here —> Mariah To Sit Down With Chelsea

p.s. Even though I’m happy for Nick and Mariah, their story still doesn’t compare to the stupidity over at Riker’s Island where Lil Wayne is in “solitary confinement.” Hip Hop Wired reported today that another correctional officer had been suspended for chatting it up with the rapper. Wild…Is Wayne really that tight? —> Correctional Officer Suspended For Visiting Wayne

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