True Thursdays: Drugs and Superstardom

This morning I read a very interesting article about Bruno Mars on Access Hollywood’s website. The article raised the potential issues surrounding Mars’ arrest last month, and how it will affect his career. Some say that the arrest might help Mars. Even though Mars has created a more “wholesome” image for himself up until now, it is believed, due to all of the extra publicity, that the arrest will introduce the R&B/Pop singer to an even broader audience.

Bruno Mars is currently facing up to four years in prison for his cocaine possession in Vegas. And, according to the article, his first court appearance is scheduled for November 14th.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think it’s a mess that people are even talking about Mars’ arrest as a potential catalyst to further his stardom. Yes, I’m sure that Mars will be getting a lot of media attention after this. With that said, can someone please address the real issue that’s at hand? The singer was found with cocaine, which is probably one of the worst drugs to get hooked onto. Just sayin…If you want the truth, I think that someone needs to help Mars get off the drugs. I know that many celebrities do it, but no one needs coke in their lives.

Honestly though, I hope Bruno only gets a slap on the wrist. A controversial statement I know, but when you have other celebrities doing the exact same things and not getting punished for them (aka Paris Hilton), then I think you have to offer not only this guy, but also all the other people who get caught for the first time some slack. And, that’s the truth.

Read the full Access Hollywood article here —> Bruno Mars’ Cocaine Arrest

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2 Responses to True Thursdays: Drugs and Superstardom

  1. lillianito says:

    Bruno he is hot

  2. lillianito says:

    i love his songs alot

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