All Facebook Users Should See ‘The Social Network’

Hi boys and girls!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as I am. As planned, I saw The Social Network today, and I have to give David Fincher a lot of props for directing a pretty good movie. Beginning from the days when Mark Zuckerberg was still a young sophomore at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, Harvard University, The Social Network is both dark and comedic.

If this movie is an accurate portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook, then I don’t know what to think. All I can say is that I now understand why Mark Zuckerberg is pissed. In the movie, he’s a social outcast with a serious cry for attention. Not to mention, he’s also a backstabbing friend and thief.

Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg, and Andrew Garfield

Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Zuckerberg, was genius at maintaining the overall tone of the film. While watching The Social Network, I really felt bad for the guy. I mean, how can anyone live with tons of knowledge and money, but with no friends? As far as the other actors, I thought that Justin Timberlake held his own as Sean Parker, the founder of Napster and part owner of Facebook. However, the stand out performances in my opinion were from Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer, who played Eduardo Saverin (Zuckerberg’s ex-best friend) and the Winklevoss twins (“originators” of the Facebook idea) respectively.

Armie Hammer

Side note: It’s so funny how the movies can still trick us. During the movie, the other girls I was with and I commented on the hotness level of Armie. At the time, we had no idea that he was only one man! lol Not to mention, Armie Hammer is apparently the heir to the Arm and Hammer fortune. Say whaaaaat?! Where’s my Armie!  lol jk

ANYWAYS, if you haven’t seen The Social Network, go check it out. I think it’s worth the 12 bucks. As for all the Oscar buzz surrounding it, I am not completely convinced yet that the movie should take home any awards. With that said, we know how Hollywood and the Academy are. Once they’ve chosen their favorite front runners, it doesn’t matter what any of us think. Sad, but true.

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