Wild Wednesdays: Top Model Mixup

At first, I thought that I wasn’t going to have anything to report, BUT then the entertainment heavens opened and I was blessed with a story. Too much? Yeah…I thought so. lol

Anyways, for those of us in the states, America’s Next Top Model is a show that we know very well. However, not all of us pay attention to the Next Top Models in other countries. BUT, maybe we should, considering the unfortunate mix-up that took place on the Next Top Model live finale in Australia. At the end of the finale, host Sarah Murdoch named the wrong winner! Yes folks, the wrong winner…Needless to say, the accident created one of the most awkward/somewhat comedic moments of the night.

Read the full TIME’s article here —> Australia’s Top Model Host Names Wrong Winner

Want to skip the article? Watch the video now!

Kudos to Kelsey (a.k.a. the wrong winner)  for being such a good sport. She should get a contract just for handling that situation like a pro. Honestly, I feel like the producers should have settled the mixup after the live taping… but then there wouldn’t be a wild Wednesday! Oh television. I heart thee. lol 😉

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