Wild Wednesdays: You Can Become Famous Overnight

Then move into a better home the next morning! lol

Hola mi amigos.

I hope that everyone is doing well. If not, then I hope that this post can bring a little sunshine to your day. 🙂

Earlier this morning, I randomly decided to watch the Antoine Dodson rapist video on YouTube. I know…I know…lol

If the name Antoine Dodson doesn’t ring a bell, Antoine was the brother, who protected his sister from a rapist before speaking about the incident on the news. Although rape is definitely not funny, Dodson’s message to his neighbors a.k.a “Hide your kids! Hide your wife, and hide your husband!”  ended up paving the way to one of the most popular YouTube remixes ever, “Bed Intruder.”

Imagine my surprise when  Hip Hop Wired reported this morning that Antoine was able to move his family out of the projects with the money made from “Bed Intruder.” The song is being sold on iTunes, and is obviously making some serious bank.

If you’re one of the ones out of the Antoine Dodson loop, below is the news interview followed by the “Bed Intruder” song.

Personally, I just think this entire story is WILD. One, I’m a little humored that someone even thought to make a song out of Antoine’s statements. Pure genius I guess. Secondly, I think it’s wild that Antoine has become a real celebrity because of this song. Antoine even said that agents have contacted him… Lastly, I think it’s wild that even college bands have made the “Bed Intruder” song a part of their practices and performances.

Here’s a video of North Carolina A&T’s band performing “Bed Intruder,” and it’s really good!

This makes me wish I had attended a black school…lol

Anyways, I think it’s great that Antoine’s family was able to  turn a terrifying experience into something that helped them to better their lives. That’s what a positive and fearless attitude can do folks. 😉

p.s. Rape stories should not always become entertainment. Antoine’s famous from this whole incident, but honestly, not every news report needs to be turned into a ringtone. Just sayin’…

About binabona
Hello! My name's Bina. I tried the whole blogging game a while back when I wanted to do film reviews, but now I realize that blogging can be so much more than that. I love giving an opinion, and discovering new things to write about. I hope that people enjoy reading the topics that I write about. That's all I really want. :-)

2 Responses to Wild Wednesdays: You Can Become Famous Overnight

  1. cfvergel says:

    omg. this is ridiculous. especially the band.

    and the worse part is that the song is super catchy!

    also, the funny part of the band is that there are definitely some wrong notes in there *squeak!* lol

    thank you bina, for keeping me entertained on this Wednesday.

    ps. the drumline is bomb tho.

    • binabona says:

      lol i’m glad you were entertained! and i heard those wrong notes. the girl blowing her little flute or whatever it was into the camera was totally off. lol

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