True Thursdays: Floyd Mayweather’s GF “Takes a Hit”

Early this morning, Las Vegas police responded to a supposed domestic violence situation at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s home. Josie Harris a.k.a Floyd’s ex-girlfriend and babies mama claimed that the boxer had attacked her. Now, a full investigation is in the works.

A part of me feels bad for Floyd. Because Floyd’s day job is all about beating up opponents, it will be easy for some people to pass judgment on the situation. However, we all know that there are as many trifling women out there as there are men. I’m not saying that Josie is lying. I’m just acknowledging that there are plenty of crazies, who do lie on their “significant others.” My cousin was a victim of that not too long ago…

Anyways, let us hope that Floyd Mayweather is not another Chris Brown. 50 Cent seems to not think so…

Read more about Floyd Mayweather and 50 cent’s opinion on the subject below:

LA Times – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

TMZ – 50 Cent on Floyd Mayweather

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