Wild Wednesdays: Gunman at Discovery Channel

I never thought I would have to report such news. For those of you, who are not familiar with One Discovery Place, it is the headquarters of Discovery Communications Inc., which is home to The Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, TLC, Animal Planet, etc. It is a place 5 minutes from my house in Silver Spring, MD, and it is where I have spent 3 consecutive summers during college.

Even though this is definitely one wild story, I was not going to post it. Honestly, I was freaking out when I heard the news, given that I know and worked with a number of people at Discovery. Fortunately, everything is okay.

Here’s what happened….

James L. Lee, a man known to have protested Discovery in the past, entered the One Discovery Place lobby this morning, wielding a gun in the air with what appeared to be two bombs strapped to his chest. James immediately took 3 individuals, one security guard and two employees, hostage. All other employees as well as the daycare center on the first floor were evacuated before James could reach them.

So, what sparked a man to commit such an outrageous act, you ask?

Apparently, James was upset with Discovery programming, and thought that the shows didn’t do enough to assist the environment. Am I missing something here? You put people’s lives at risk because you were upset with a company’s television programming?!

Luckily, everything’s okay now at Discovery. In the end, police shot and killed James, freeing the hostages, who were unharmed. Is it bad that I’m happy this nutcase is gone? He put several innocent lives in danger, which I’m sure created a lot of fear and stress amongst family and friends.

Want to know Lee’s demands? Click here —> Lee’s Manifesto

By the way, if you don’t like television programming, then make your own!

Lee is not even worth making it onto the Hot Mess List next Monday.

Discovery Channel Gunman Killed, 3 Hostages Escape Safely

Discovery Building Hostage Situation Ends

p.s. In case you’re wondering, Discovery is one of the best places to work. 🙂

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