The Bina Is Back

Hi boys and girls!

Guess who’s baaaaack? ME! lol Seriously though, it has been beyond a minute. Once upon a time, I said that I would never leave you guys hangin’. BUT, I did. And, all I can say is that I’m truly sorry. I was interning with a company that absolutely HATES bloggers. I know. I know. Sadness….:-(

With that said, my big move to LA has gotten me all shook up about what to do with my life. I’m no longer dancing around the things that I love. I love to write, and I am a writer. Therefore, writing has officially become my new pursuit. Is anyone else excited about this other than me? lol

Anyways, it’s time to have some fun Fun FUN I People Watch style!

Before we dive straight into some entertainment/celeb news, I have to announce that I People Watch will be getting revamped. That’s right. This blog is getting a full-fledged content makeover. Instead of hitting you guys with a bunch of randomness all of the time, I’m just going to hit you with structured randomness lol. Here’s the new line-up where every day of the week has its own theme. From now on, these will be the five topics of each week….

1) Hot Mess Mondays –

Every Monday I will be ranking the top 5 hot mess celebs out there. One of the reasons why I love celebrity news is because celebrities always make mistakes. I mean…after all, they are just like us. Human. Luckily, they’re in the public eye, and we’re not. lol

2) Music Tuesdays –

I absolutely HEART Pop music. The radio is playing a lot of quality bubblicious pop right now, and it’s my job to bring the sweetest flavors straight to you! Not to mention, the stars are burning bright on YouTube. During my hiatus, I could not believe the amount of living room talent I was watching online. Why not expose you all, right?

3) Wild Wednesdays –

Honestly, the theme “Wild Wednesdays” has been created because I haven’t quite decided what Wednesday should be yet. Despite that little fact, the name’s cool. lol For now, let’s just say that Wednesday will be a day for the craziest entertainment story out there.

4) True Thursdays –

Everyone loves a dose of gossip. That’s why we all read the magazines while checking out our groceries. So, True Thursdays will be all about the latest Hollywood and celeb gossip. Having already been in LA for 6 weeks, I can tell that this town is the gossip gift that will keep on gossip giving. Who really cares about truth? 😉

5) Film Fridays –

Honestly, the only thing that I love more than writing is watching a good movie. So, now it’s time to report to you on a regular basis, which movies are hits and which are misses. And, just in case a whole weekend feels like a miss, I’ll be sure to recommend you a great movie every Friday!

Okay, I think that’s it. Boy, that was A LOT of writing, but it sure feels good to be back. Let’s get it! 🙂

About binabona
Hello! My name's Bina. I tried the whole blogging game a while back when I wanted to do film reviews, but now I realize that blogging can be so much more than that. I love giving an opinion, and discovering new things to write about. I hope that people enjoy reading the topics that I write about. That's all I really want. :-)

One Response to The Bina Is Back

  1. mayralp says:

    Back and in business finally 😉

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