Despicable Dynamite

Well, it looks like Despicable Me is the new box office king. Steve Carell’s feature took in a little over $56 million. Like I said before, the movie was even cuter than the trailers, so its success definitely doesn’t surprise me. Anyways, Predators took the number 3 spot behind Twilight Eclipse. Not too shabby for another one of “those movies.” I swear the Predator and Alien franchises will never die. lol

Side note: Toy Story 3 is still raking in the millions. The Pixar animated feature took in another $21 mil over the weekend. The Buzz is definitely back. Now, one has to wonder whether or not the Toy Story story is really over. Hollywood likes to reopen the doors when things continue to bring in a lot of money. With that said, I hope that Pixar does decide to just end with Toy Story 3. It would be incredibly sad if a sub-par Toy Story 4 was released. Let’s end on a positive note Pixar, si?


Because I like being totally random, here is Taio Cruz’s latest single “Dynamite.” If you haven’t heard this song, then I have no idea what you have been doing with your life…..Just kidding…kind of? lol

Taio Cruz stays bringing the hits. I must admit though. All of his music is just so much fun Fun FUN. You can’t help, but to sing along and smile when Taio Cruz comes on. “Dynamite” is currently numero 7 on the Billboard hot 100.

Now the question is – “Who’s better, Taio Cruz or Jason Derulo?” They both blew up around the same time and have both brought the hit dance tracks with them. Right now, I have to say Cruz is my absolute fave. If you haven’t listened to his Rokstarr album, then you need to check it out. Besides I only really like Jason Derulo when he goes “Jaaason Deruuuuuulo!” at the beginning of “In My Head.” You know what I’m talking about too, don’t you? lol 😉

And, for those of you who are still in the dark, I have provided Jason Derulo’s song for you, so that you will know EXACTLY what I am talking about. lol Enjoy!

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