Tears For A Tiger

If what I’m hearing is true, then Elin, Tiger Wood’s soon to be ex-wife, will be getting $750 million in the couple’s divorce settlement. That’s right, I said $750 million!!!! Honestly, even though Tiger was wrong for what he did, my heart goes out to the little sucker. All that money gone just to keep the girl quiet. As long as Elin agrees to keep her mouth shut 100% until the day she dies, she will have a ton of money in her bank account.

Now, I know that I might get a lot of flack for this, but in my opinion, no woman deserves that much of her husband’s hard earned money. I don’t care how much Tiger cheated on Elin. She’s not the one with the talent and the career. I understand that it makes sense to have a “Why not take it all mentality?” especially when you “feel” betrayed, but $750 million? She doesn’t need that much to keep her mouth shut. Plus, as a mother, wouldn’t you want to keep your mouth shut for the sake of the children, who already will have to grow up knowing about what daddy did? I’m just sayin……

I know Elin’s lawyers are happy because we all know they’re the ones behind the huge number. If Elin gets paid, her lawyers will get PAID. With that said, Tiger was the fool, who didn’t get a prenup. Not all women have the same mentality as me, Tiger.

Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement

p.s. I’m starting to think that super star athletes just shouldn’t get married…..

What do you think?

Side Note: The Last Airbender comes out today! Random, I know, but whatever! I never watched the cartoon, but I have been hearing people talk about this movie foreeeeeeeever. Let us pray that M. Night Shyamalan does a good job or all hell will break lose. lol

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One Response to Tears For A Tiger

  1. cfvergel says:

    tiger got laid in laaaarkin.

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