Love and Happiness

Justin Bieber premiered his latest music video for “Somebody To Love” yesterday on Vevo. I must at admit that the video, featuring Usher, is kind of the ish. It’s a pretty cool concept, using different dance groups from ABDC plus a step team and some others. Someone needs to give Usher props for knowing how to stay relevant. In addition to having his own success as a solo artist, Usher stays standing next to Bieber all of the time. Sure, he helped discover the boy, but Usher knows that the more times he partners with Bieber nowadays, the more success he’ll see as an artist. Luda knows too!

Here’s the video Enjoy!

Feelin’  it?

Side note: Apparently, there’s a 27 year old woman that continuously gets mistaken for Bieber. The whole thing sounds a hot mess lol. TMZ reported the full story on their website –> TMZ Justin Bieber Look A Like

Moving on…..

What type of person would I be if I didn’t support the World Cup right now??? It is the biggest global event happening. Even though I didn’t wake up this morning to watch the US game….I must admit that I am a HUGE fan of the music that the World Cup is promoting. Here are Shakira’s version of “Waka Waka,” and K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag.” If you haven’t heard these two songs, then I don’t know what to tell you except to listen now! lol

If you want to watch the “official” music video instead click here —>Shakira Waka Waka

p.s. I really am happy that Shakira was chosen to sing “Waka Waka.” She definitely brings a lot of energy to the table, and considering that her U.S. album wasn’t exactly a hit with Billboard this year, it’s nice to see some other success on the global stage. ***Also, it should be noted that Shakira was not the original creator of “Waka Waka.” The catchy chorus first came from a song called “Zangalewa” performed by the group Golden Sounds, now known as Zangalewa. Check out the original song –> Zangalewa 🙂

And, here’s K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag.”

Don’t you just love it when the world comes together? lol I think it’s about time I up my World Cup game, and watch some matches. Four years ago, I followed the Italians all the way to their victory. I wonder what team I should root for this time. Hmmm…….

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  1. Atha says:

    I love each and every video in this post.

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