Are They Your Next Stars?

You all already know that I LOVE new talent. Please forgive me for expressing that excessively…lol

Anyways, this post is going to be relatively short because it’s all about watching the videos. The first video is of 30 year old Michael Grimm, who recently auditioned for America’s Got Talent. Before, I said that Britain’s Got Talent was beginning to show up our own country. However, if more people like Michael start performing, then I might have to retract that statement.

I immediately fell in love with Michael. He belongs to that Johnny Depp genre of men, who don’t have to try at all to melt your heart. When I showed my friend the video below, he wasn’t as “moved,” but whatever! lolย  I think that the clear pain/feeling in Michael’s voice made his performance honest and undeniably amazing.

Check him out now!

p.s. It’s 7 minutes long, so fast forward to the 1:40-2 minute mark. ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you think? Would Michael get your votes on America’s Got Talent?

Fortunately for us, Michael is not the only one with a display of talent posted on YouTube. Because I am a YouTube addict, I randomly came across this young girl Zewdy. This girl has an incredible voice. Though it’s a little unpolished at times, there is no question that she can SANG. Not to mention, Zewdy is hilarious to watch. With every song that she sings, she puts on a full-fledged performance. Watch her videos for Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” and “Halo.” Hilarity! lol

“Sweet Dreams” – Zewdy

I see you Zewdy with that rain! lol

And, here’s her video for “Halo.” Some random dude talks in the beginning, so you’ll have to fast forward to the 50 sec mark for Zewdy. ๐Ÿ™‚

This girl cracks me up. Her hair is so cool, but all that flopping it around is just too much!

What do you think? Does a record label need to turn this girl into a star?

**Now, although the first two are undiscovered talents, I couldn’t resist throwing in an already up and coming Popstar.ย  I found this video of Charice performing Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” and like always, she kills! Whenever I can promote Charice, I will. lol So, here you go. Enjoy!

The girl’s voice is kind of perfect….I don’t understand. Some people wish that they could sound this good in the studio let alone out of it. Charice even kills Luda’s verse!

About binabona
Hello! My name's Bina. I tried the whole blogging game a while back when I wanted to do film reviews, but now I realize that blogging can be so much more than that. I love giving an opinion, and discovering new things to write about. I hope that people enjoy reading the topics that I write about. That's all I really want. :-)

7 Responses to Are They Your Next Stars?

  1. Truly says:

    Very interesting posting. Glad to know there is more untapped talent out there, as I bore easily. All the Beyonce’s, Jay-Z knock offs get tiring and if I see another rapper go to jail, I am going to have to shoot someone (and end up in jail myself)! Can we get back to basics; actually singing & performing at a high quality level? These videos show true potential talent, but let’s see them in a few years….

    • binabona says:

      I totally agree! Personally, I don’t know if Michael Grimm has the potential to be a HUGE star even though I love him. Maybe if he’s made to just tap into a certain market and just have a lot of success that way instead of someone trying to make him a Popstar. As for Charice, I think she has a lot of staying power. She’s got the humility, patience, stage presence, and voice to be a lifetime performer. We shall see! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Arelys says:

    hmm…charice looks like an ugly bratz doll…

  3. Jay-Marie says:

    I’m so mad Charice handled Luda’s voice so well too. I agree, that girls kinda perfect. I hadn’t heard about her before so thanks for bringin her up! Also, I’m all for international artists breaking up & out. America fails at producing genuine talent so much of the time and its really about time we start looking at folks who really deserve our attention and eventually, money.

  4. Jay-Marie says:

    Also, Zewdy… calm it down girl. She has like, sign language & a movement for EVERY line in Halo. Maybe if she tones it down, somebody’ll sign her lol

    • binabona says:

      LOL I agree. I think she’s doing the most in these videos. Even though it’s entertaining, it might be hurting her. However, someone could easily come along and teach her how to really perform. She’s already fearless. That’s the hardest part.

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