Prince of Persia: A Disney Disaster

Yesterday was the opening night for Disney’s highly anticipated Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, a movie based off of the popular Canadian video game. The film centers itself around the story of Dastan, an orphan, who becomes a prince after being adopted by the king of Persia. Once Dastan is older, he and his two brothers work to maintain the Persian empire for their father. Though the brothers have good intentions, they are tricked by a traitor within the empire, which leads to the attack of the city Alamut.  Unaware of the mistake that they have just made, the brothers are more or less proud to have conquered Alamut, and Dastan takes home a beautiful dagger he finds in the city as his prize. Soon Dastan learns that his treasure from Alamut is no ordinary dagger and an “adventure of a lifetime” ensues for the young hero.

As much fun as the trailer looked for Prince of Persia, the film was ultimately a complete bust. Once upon a time, I believed Gyllenhaal’s casting to be potentially the biggest error of the film, but boy, was I wrong. Ol’ Jakie boy was the least of my worries after the first hour. Despite the various action scenes throughout the film, I was not the slightest bit entertained, taking a 20 minute nap midway through the movie. The terrible dialogue combined with the jarring cuts between scenes, the annoying princess’ voice (the girl would not shut up), and the never-ending plot, Prince of Persia failed to pull the audience in.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the film was the director’s attempt to turn an almost non-existent plot into an epic story. Let’s be real…The movie is based off a video game. People do not care about the plot as much as they do about cool fight scenes. With that said, I cannot knock all of the director’s attempts in the film. When Dastan scales the wall to enter the city of Alamut, I thought to myself “That’s pretty badass.” Not to mention, a few of the characters like Seso, a skilled knife thrower, bring some necessary entertainment with their unbelievable abilities every now and then.

Anyways, there’s no need for me to continue to talk about this film. By no means is Prince of Persia the worst movie ever, but it just might become the worst blockbuster of the summer. For those of you, who still want to see Prince of Persia, I can tell you that I did end up laughing hysterically by the end of the film. There was just no other way to respond to its ridiculousness. So, if you go with the right group of friends, you should enjoy being annoyed together. lol 😉

p.s. There were some pretty cool trailers that played before Prince of Persia, one being Disney’s Tron: Legacy. Although Disney disappointed me with Prince Dastan, I must say that Tron: Legacy, the sequel to 1982’s Tron, which starred Jeff Bridges, looks visually amazing! The original Tron was nominated for an Academy Award and is parodied in shows like Family Guy. Since I haven’t seen the first film, here’s its Wikipedia article.


As far as Tron: Legacy goes, I am honestly just curious about the film because of its visuals. The movie will be playing on Digital 3D and IMAX 3D screens come December.

Check out the trailer for Tron: Legacy here!

Looks pretty cool, eh?  🙂

Here are links to another trailer for Tron Legacy and for the original Tron if you’re interested.

Tron Legacy


Also, check out this scene I found on from the original Tron. Disney was definitely ahead of its time in the 80s! This still looks impressive even for today.

Anyways, I promise that that is the last Tron video I have for you. lol I got a little too excited when I started looking up more information about the movie….Let’s hope that Disney doesn’t mess up the Tron franchise. I have faith!

What do you think about Tron: Legacy? Do you think it’s going to be another Prince of Persia? Leave a comment!

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  1. mattvolke says:

    I have a story I’m posting tomorrow about video game adaptations to film. Stop by and check it out. Also, I’m adding you to our blog roll.

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