No Gold for Robin Hood

At least not domestically….

Over the weekend, Robin Hood premiered on over 3,000  screens in an attempt to stop Iron Man 2‘s powerful run at the box office. However, Downey’s iron proved to be stronger than Crowe’s gold as the usually less valuable metal forced Robin Hood to take the number two spot. Robin Hood made a little over $36 million compared to Iron Man 2’s cool $52 million.

As much as I love Russell Crowe, I am not surprised that Robin Hood came in second. The first Iron Man pretty much guaranteed a successful run for its sequel. Not to mention, it’s hard to predict how Americans will handle dramatic changes to their most beloved characters.

When I first saw Robin Hood‘s domestic numbers, I thought that Universal was going to be in trooooooouble. lol  Fortunately for Universal, Robin Hood did perform well overseas, taking in roughly $74 million. I don’t know how Robin Hood will continue to fare at the box office, but if it can hold its numbers overseas, then maybe it will be okay. Hopefully, the pricey film can just make up for its $200 million budget. However, we can’t forget that Prince of Persia comes out in two weeks, and has the potential to steal some of Robin Hood’s foreign thunder.

Robin Hood leads worldwide box office

**Regardless of how Robin Hood continues to perform stateside, I still want to see this movie! Unfortunately, movie-going can be oh so hard for those of us who are trying to graduate…….

Anyways, if you’ve seen the movie, let me know what you thought! Good? Bad? A combo of both? Leave a comment and let me know. Any insight would be appreciated before I go and spend $10 for a ticket 😉

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  1. mattvolke says:

    Nice write-up. I just did a review on Robin Hood (and Iron Man 2) on my blog at

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