Boy Bands Are Back!

Well, not quite….BUT, with  Perez Hilton and Simon Fuller a.k.a. the founder of both American Idol and the Spice Girls teaming up to create the next boy machine, boy bands are definitely on their way to a resurgence. According to MTV, Perez will be hosting an open call this Saturday in New York city for teenage boys. I definitely knew it wouldn’t be long before someone would try to bring back boy bands. I mean, Pop music nowadays has become extremely dancey and fun. Justin Bieber’s unbelievable rise to fame shows that preteen girls are ready to go crazy over groups of five hotties all over again.

Sidenote: Bieber currently has almost 600,000 subscribers on YouTube. That’s by far the most I’ve seen for any artist.  Also, his video for “Baby” has almost 140,000,000 views. Based off these numbers, I’d say that Bieber, as the only real “kid” heartthrob right now, is just soaking up everything the music industry has to offer.

p.s. Is it just me or were boy bands like the best thing that ever happened to the music industry??? Growing up, I remember listening to all the boy band haters. “They don’t have ‘real’ talent. They don’t even write their own songs…” Personally, all I ever took that to really mean was “I’m a hater.” lol Despite what anyone says, no one can deny that Pop music not only becomes more radio friendly, but also more classic when boy bands take over. Whether they want to admit it or not, every hater knows the words to popular Backstreet Boys and NSYNC songs. The music is just undeniably enjoyable to listen to.

For the record, the members of these boy bands do write their own music as well. Just because record labels don’t always allow groups to express themselves freely, does not mean that band members do not have “real” talent. Not to mention, simply being able to sing and in harmony is talent enough. I can’t do those things…lol

And just for the fun of it, let’s remember some of the best boy bands of the past.

# 1 Jackson 5

Bet you didn’t think I would pull this group out of my hat did you? With that said, the Jackson 5 were probably the first boy band. They started out extremely young and had ALL the girls going crazy, white and black. 😉

Here’s a clip of J5 performing “Rockin’ Robin” back in the day.

# 2 The Osmonds

If I put J5, then I have to include the Osmonds. They were pretty much like the white Mormon version of J5. They had tons of fame as well as their own variety show that made their youngest brother Donnie a standout star.

#3 Menudo

The creation of producer Edguardo Diaz, Menudo was the Puerto Rican boy band that rose to fame in the 70s. Diaz apparently had one rule – Once a boy turned 16, he was replaced in the group.  That explains how Ricky Martin joined the group years later.

#4 New Edition

With hits like “Cool it Now” and “If It Isn’t Love,” New Edition became responsible for the resurgence of boy bands in the 80s.

#5 New Kids On The Block (NKOTB)

After New Edition’s popularity in the realm of R&B, New Kids took over to become the model for the modern boy band.

#6 Backstreet Boys

BSB just might be the greatest boy band ever, considering their millions (over 130 mil) of record sales and the fact that, even now, they can still sell out arenas around the world.

Here’s my favorite BSB song and video, “All I Have To Give.”

Remember when girls took sides? You either loved Backstreet Boys or NSYNC, not both. I remember when NSYNC merchandise began taking over BSB’s section at Claire’s. I was so upset. Preteen girls can be so crazy….lol


Now, that I’m older and more mature, I realize just how much I loved NSYNC. Remember this MTV VMA performance, which pretty much catapulted them into super stardom?

Get it! NSYNC probably had some of the most memorable performances on MTV.

Remember this one for “Bye Bye Bye” the following year?

That TV idea was so legit!

#8 98 Degrees

They weren’t as popular as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC by any means, but 98 degrees held their own. At least, the Lachey brothers continue to have success on random television shows. Drew Lachey won Dancing With The Stars a few seasons back, and Nick Lachey can be seen hosting almost anything on NBC.

#9 O-Town

I remember when “Making The Band” was not a Diddy, MTV production. The show, which originally featured boy band mogul Louis Pearlman, now a convicted felon, was responsible for this cutie-pie group as well as BSB and NSYNC.

#10 JLS

You might not have heard of them, but many Brits surely have. JLS came in second place on X Factor two seasons ago behind Alexandra Burke, and are currently being groomed to be one of the next “true” boy bands. We’ll see if they ever gain in popularity stateside.

Here’s the group’s X Factor audition.

Funny how the best voice (i.e. the first black boy that sings) got pushed to the back during the actual show. The little light-skinned one became the clear face of the group. But, hey that’s what happens when you think about mass appeal.

**If boy bands are to take over the world again, I think I will be happy. Although, I am 22 years old now, so that same craziness won’t really apply to me, but I can still enjoy the music! lol

Are you ready for another boy band craze? 😉

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