The New Hollywood Hero Is On A Roll

Remember that post I did about the new type of leading man in Hollywood? Well, it looks like Robert Downey Jr. will continue his “odd” leading man status, considering Iron Man 2 is expected to take in a a whopping $300 million after its debut at the global box office.  Although Downey does not fit the typical mold for a superhero, his charming and hilarious nature can pretty much get him whatever role he wants.  And, after falling from the Hollywood stars for a while due to drugs and jail time, I’m glad to see Downey having so much success these days. He’s a great actor. I saw Iron Man 2 on Friday night, and absolutely loved both it and Downey in it. Iron Man 2 is sure to continue to rake in millions!

All of Downey’s success this weekend causes me to wonder how our other Hollywood heroes will fare. Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood is next up on the chopping block and will give Iron Man 2 some competition next weekend on May 14th. Robin Hood will then be followed by the release Ol’ Jakie boy’s Prince of Persia in two weeks on May 28th. If you’ve been reading, then you already know how I feel about Gyllenhaal’s casting in Prince of Persia. However, only the box office will tell what and who audiences want to see. I hear Robin Hood is good though. Variety’s Justin Chang reports that the film is not as “campy” as its predecessors, but more gritty,  realist, and political. Personally, I’m excited for this fresher approach to a classic story, and cannot wait to see the movie next weekend!

As for Prince of Persia, the overall concept is pretty cool, so I’ll have to go see it…I just hope I get over my disappointment of Jake Gyllenhaal. Maybe he will show some Downey charm? We’ll see. At least the movie poster makes me want to see it.

Also, in case you’re interested, here is a press conference that the cast of Prince of Persia did recently. Even Jerry Bruckheimer, the film’s producer and man responsible for such major successes as Pirates of the Caribbean, is present.

**Below are some other links that may be of interest. Enjoy! 🙂

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