Who is Taio Cruz?

Had someone asked me who Taio Cruz was a week ago, I can’t say that I would have known. With his smash hit single “Break Your Heart,” Taio is joining the likes of Kanye West and Ne-Yo as a behind-the-scenes writer/producer turned mainstream artist. At only 26, Taio has already written and produced music for A-list stars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, and is prepping for the U.S. May 18th release of his sophomore album Rokstarr.

Seeing as though Taio is British, it does make some sense that his name is not yet “big” in the U.S. However, “Break Your Heart” is all over the radio, and his single “Dirty Picture” featuring Ke$ha has already been heard in the American party/club scene. For anyone who is into the Lady Gaga-Jay Sean-electronic-pop-dance mix, Rokstarr is definitely for you. The feel-good album will have you dancing around your room and singing to your mirror for sure (not that I do any that….lol).

On another note, Taio Cruz’s increasing popularity in the states marks a wave of British artists conquering the U.S. charts with catchy dance songs. While Jay Sean’s “Down” continues to blow up every car radio,  Natasha Bedingfield’s  “Pocket Full of Sunshine” can still be heard blasting from college dorm windows. True, British artists have always had a strong presence in the U.S. market (i.e. The Beatles, The Who, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, etc.). Nonetheless, this year has seen an unforgettable British influence on the U.S., and is showing that Americans want to listen to some bloody funky and fun songs. And, with all this emphasis placed on danceable tracks, better music videos, and little Justin Biebers, I’m starting to sense a return to an era of POP music. Isn’t it about time for another wave of Bubble Gum entertainment anyways???

**Check Taio’s single “Dirty Picture” below!**

Snap! I love it 😉

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One Response to Who is Taio Cruz?

  1. Atha says:

    yes!! i’m all for some bloody good british music 🙂

    and whoever gave you this cd must be really awesome…

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